William C. Dengler, MD, FACS – Dr. Dengler is the Medical Director at RefluxMD. He is recognized as one of the top authorities on reflux disease and his expertise includes diagnostics, medical, and surgical therapies. Experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of reflux disease and its treatment, Dr. Dengler is a highly sought after lecturer and instructor by physicians and nurses seeking proficiency in reflux disease, as well as with nationally recognized medical and surgical meetings, conferences, and seminars. Industry leaders have also retained him to assist in the development of their reflux disease-related diagnostic and therapeutic products.

Congratulations!  Your visit to Gravity1st’s website tells me that you are taking your reflux disease seriously and you are ready to start managing your chronic condition.

Sleep. Most of us take that for granted, but for those that suffer from acid reflux, a good night’s sleep is hard to find.   In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation, adults who experience heartburn report more sleep problems like insomnia, daytime sleepiness, and sleep apnea than those without heartburn.  To sleep better, the underlying cause of your heartburn must be identified.  Steps can then be taken to minimize your symptoms allowing you to once again enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Take Control of Your Disease NOW!

To understand how, you should learn more about reflux disease: its causes, its symptoms, and its progressive nature. I highly recommend you watch the video “The Five Things You Must Know About Reflux” and then take a brief online assessment to determine the progression of your reflux disease.  You can then download a personalized, no-cost, comprehensive report about your reflux disease.

Manage Your Nighttime Symptoms

After reading your personal report, you will be ready to take action.  Reflux disease – and the heartburn it causes – results from one problem: a damaged lower esophageal sphincter (LES).  The LES is the barrier at the junction of the esophagus and the stomach.  When the LES is weak or damaged, the contents of the stomach, which are highly acidic, flow into the esophagus and create a burning, painful sensation.

When sitting or standing, gravity helps to keep those contents in the stomach.  However, when lying in bed, the benefit of gravity is lost. Most physicians will recommend that you elevate the head of your bed to reduce your nighttime symptoms. This allows gravity to do its job and reduce the flow of stomach contents into the esophagus, providing two important benefits. First, the painful heartburn symptoms will lessen or stop all together.  Second, reducing or eliminating the flow of gastric juices into the esophagus lessens the impact of those juices on the cells that line the esophagus.  It is that contact that can result in long-term damage and complications, such as strictures and Barrett’s Esophagus.

To Sleep Better You Need to Take the Right Steps

Managing your nighttime symptoms can have dramatic impact on your quality of life, which is now compromised by reflux.  Many lifestyle and diet suggestions can be found at RefluxMD’s website.  However, head elevated sleep on a Gravity1st™ mattress is one of the most effective tools for managing reflux related sleep problems.  The goal is a good and restful night’s sleep to leave you refreshed in the morning.  Since sleep issues affect all aspects of your life, a sound sleep will positively impact the overall quality of your life.  Making a few simple changes such as head elevation at night, when done in an effective manner, will reap many benefits.   By elevating the head of your bed, learning about your disease, and exercising a little will power to make the right diet and lifestyle changes, you can manage your nighttime symptoms and enjoy a wonderful life.