Gravity1st – ACID Reflux Treatment | The Lambs Testimonial

My husband has severe acid reflux and we have tried several reflux remedies to at least make him more comfortable when sleeping. When I heard about the Gravity1st™ product we decided to try it out and it made an incredible difference just by sleeping on it for a few weeks. While we were testing out the Gravity1st™ product and I had become accustom to sleeping on it I had forgotten it was even on the bed.

While I do not suffer from reflux I do have minor back pain from time to time and found this to be rather comfortable. I normally sleep with a body pillow but since I was on an incline I didn’t see the need for the extra pillows and it was still quite comfortable.

Chastity Lamb

I’ve had acid reflux over the years and it has gotten worse, I’ve tried cutting down on the things that make it worse but there are still times the medication doesn’t seem to help. We only had this on our bed for a couple of weeks but I did see some improvement, my reflux didn’t act up as much as it did before. If we had it for a longer period of time I think it would have continued to make an improvement. I know it also helped with my snoring, my wife has reminded me of this ever since we had to return the Gravity1st™ product, because without it I have gone back to my snoring habits.

Chad Lamb

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