Suffering from Acid Reflux | Adam’s Testimonial

Suffering from Acid Reflux

Adam Price was suffering from terrible acid reflux problems that affected his sleep. He has to sleep in another bedroom away from his wife because he has to constantly get up multiple times in a night due to reflux flare ups. A friend introduced us to Adam and we gave him one of our mattresses to try out if he would document his experiences for us.

Adam recorded himself over the course of a few days, two nights without the Gravity1st™ Elevated Sleep Systems mattress, and then three nights with our product. His first two nights were business as usual. However, once he started using the mattress, he experienced immediate results. His reflux didn’t bother him at night, even on his first night using the mattress! It helped him with his reflux, but it also had unintended benefits: it helped fix some back pain he didn’t even know he was dealing with until it was fixed.

We’re glad to hear we helped you Adam, and thanks again for trying our product!

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Suffering from Acid Reflux