Gravity1st Helped With A High Risk Pregnancy

GERD Treatment: This letter was written by Laurie Harper of Canyon Lake, Texas. Her daughter, Julie was having a difficult, high risk pregnancy with twins, was put on 18 weeks of solid bed rest and was also suffering from severe acid reflux. The doctors took Julies Reflux medication away because it threatened her pregnancy, so in an attempt to alleviate her symptoms of reflux, Julie tried to sleep on a mountain of pillows and drank a lot of milk. These efforts did not help her much and soon she was sleep deprived and miserable.

After Julie tried the Gravity1st™ mattress she was finally able to get a good night’s sleep and did not require the amount of milk she took to relieve her heartburn.

Please read her mother’s heartfelt letter describing her daughter’s experiences with the Gravity1st™ Elevated Sleep System mattress; GERD treatment.

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