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The Lambs

My husband has severe acid reflux and we have tried several remedies to at least make him more comfortable when sleeping. When I heard about the Gravity1st™ product we decided to try it out and it made an incredible difference just by sleeping on it for a few weeks. While we were testing out the Gravity1st™ product and I had become accustom to sleeping on it I had forgotten it was even on the bed.

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Adam Price

thumb-02Adam Price was suffering from terrible acid reflux problems that affected his sleep. He has to sleep in another bedroom away from his wife because he has to constantly get up multiple times in a night due to reflux flare ups. A friend introduced us to Adam and we gave him one of our mattresses to try out if he would document his experiences for us.

Adam recorded himself over the course of a few days, two nights without the Gravity1st™ Elevated Sleep Systems mattress, and then three nights with our product. His first two nights were business as usual. However, once he started using the mattress, he experienced immediate results. His reflux didn’t bother him at night, even on his first night using the mattress! It helped him with his reflux, but it also had unintended benefits: it helped fix some back pain he didn’t even know he was dealing with until it was fixed. We’re glad to hear we helped you Adam, and thanks again for trying our product!

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Dr. Hollis Wilson III


Dr. Hollis Wilson III is a chiropractor in the central Texas area, operating 2 practices in north Austin and Elgin, TX. Dr. Wilson tried the Gravity1st™ Elevated Sleep Systems mattress for a few days to determine the chiropractic benefits of sleeping in a fully elevated position for people dealing with acid reflux / GERD. After having the mattress for a few days, he immediately saw the benefit for reflux sufferers to sleep on this mattress instead of propping up on a few pillows or a short wedge pillow.

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Laurie Harper

thumb-04This letter was written by Laurie Harper of Canyon Lake, Texas. Her daughter, Julie was having a difficult, high risk pregnancy with twins, was put on 18 weeks of solid bed rest and was also suffering from severe acid reflux. The doctors took Julies Reflux medication away because it threatened her pregnancy, so in an attempt to alleviate her symptoms of reflux, Julie tried to sleep on a mountain of pillows and drank a lot of milk. These efforts did not help her much and soon she was sleep deprived and miserable.

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Joan L.

I moved to Gainesville Florida on April 1, 2013.  Love my twin Gravity1st mattress, and let me tell you how handy it was before I moved (I’m still sleeping on it and enjoying my nights).  Placed my house on the market mid-January and in order to keep things ready for showings, instead of sleeping in the master bedroom I would put the Gravity1st on top of the twin bed in the guest room.  In the morning before a showing, I would deflate the bed and stow it out of sight.

I was worried about folding it up so much (8 or 9 times), but it handled all that beautifully.  The last week before leaving town, I folded it up and went to my son’s house and slept on it there.  Then I folded it up and moved the 400 miles to Gainesville.

Now I’m getting ready to graduate to a queen size bed and need to order a queen size Gravity1st.   I plan to use the twin for travel and for when my grandson (8yrs) sleeps over.


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