Kelli Minson is the inventor of the
 Gravity1st Elevated Sleep Systems Mattress

This is her story: How the Gravity1st™ Saved my Husband

It was 4 o’ clock in the morning when my husband awakened me unable to speak. He held up a piece of paper with the words “Call 911” written on it. Now, my husband is a physician and first responder and my first clouded thought was, “is this a drill?” In fact his vocal cords had closed and he was suffocating. As I dialed the phone he went to his desk and with incomprehensible calm jotted a quick note for the paramedics should he be unconscious when they arrived.

In the emergency department we were informed by the Ear Nose and Throat doctor that my husband’s condition was an inflamed larynx, caused by Reflux Disease. His vocal cords were the “consistency of hamburger” and the doctor explained it was a wonder that he had not died. When he was released we were informed that he would have to take medication and that he absolutely had to sleep with his head elevated in a straight line 6 inches above his feet. It was not as easy as it sounds. We tried everything: piled pillows, bolstering wedges, using a recliner, but nothing allowed him to achieve the rest he desperately needed to feel better.

Gravity1st Elevated Sleep Systems Mattress
That was when we came up with the concept for the Gravity1st™ Elevated Sleep Systems mattress, an idea that has to date changed thousands of lives. This sleep system allows the linear drop necessary for anyone who requires the aid of gravity to rest. Soon we were hearing from people who suffered from a variety of conditions and problems that prevented them from achieving rest while lying flat, but who had tried our Gravity1st™ mattress in desperation and were finally getting a proper night’s sleep and relief. A few of the conditions we’ve found Gravity1st™ can help with in, addition to Acid Reflux are: GERD, heartburn, silent reflux, COPD,  snoring, colds / flu, reflux during pregnancy, hiatal hernia, post surgical recovery and many more.

The response has been overwhelming made even more so that our near tragedy has been turned into something that has helped so many. They say that necessity is the mother of all invention. In our case it is also accurate to include dire consequence in that lineage. We hope that our product will help you get the rest you need and we would love to hear from you.

Gravity1st™ Elevated Sleep Systems Mattress


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