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heartburn and milkI drink milk at night, every night; a glass of milk before bed. A little more milk about an hour later and then all night off and on I’m up: out of bed, down the stairs and into the fridge for more. I am a milk-aholic, and the funny thing is, I don’t even like milk. I never drank it as a kid; even chocolate milk grossed me out. However, as I grew older, I developed Acid Reflux, a nasty condition that I can only soothe by the constant intake of milk. As a base, it calms the fiery throat and burning chest that keeps me up every night.

I blame LES.  He’s not a roommate, or even a ‘he,’ I guess.  LES stands for Lower Esophageal Sphincter. It’s the valve between the stomach and the esophagus. The LES opens to let food pass into the stomach and closes tightly after the food has passed through. When the LES does not stay closed after the food has passed through, acid and stomach contents back up, (reflux), into the esophagus. Gross, huh?

Those who suffer from Acid Reflux know this pain intimately.  When that acid hits the esophagus it can feel as if it is burning a hole in your throat.  I picture the same acid that is made to tear up and dissolve hunks of food in my stomach just sitting in my throat doing corroding the lining of my esophagus.  Not a pretty picture. That thought always drives me downstairs to another big couple of gulps of soothing milk.

Except that milk isn’t really a solution. It’s a stop-gap measure which alleviates pain, but doesn’t solve the problem. Not to mention that my reflux is most prevalent at night, which means my sleep suffers, big time. So guess who gets plenty of time to sit up by himself, while my wife pleasantly dreams the night away? This guy. Stupid LES.

Of course, I’ve been to the doctor and he tells me to eat right, lose weight-those kind of common sense things that doctors get paid so much to say. I got prescribed different expensive medicines, which work pretty well, but it’s costly and guess what?  Not covered by my insurance. Milk is cheaper.

Those that suffer from Acid Refulx are a band of brothers and sisters. We are all sitting up at night at the same time, handling our problems in our own ways. In fact, if I started an Acid Reflux support group I would hold it at 3:30 in the morning. We’re all up anyway asking, “Got milk?” I know I do, and I really can’t stand the stuff.