ACID Reflux and GERD Treatment Facts

Who can benefit from sleeping on the Gravity1st™ mattress?

Virtually anyone can benefit from head elevated sleep. Head elevated sleep is often recommended by doctors for many conditions like: Acid Reflux, snoring, sinus or allergy drainage, swallowing problems, chronic coughs, colds and flu symptoms, pregnancy and even recovery from certain surgeries – be sure to ask your doctor before trying any product for a health problem.

Why is the Gravity1st™ Elevated Sleep Systems mattress better for me than the average “wedge” pillow?

Wedge pillows bend you in the middle of your body putting added pressure on your lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the gate that keeps stomach acid where it belongs – down in your stomach. Gravity1st™ utilizes gravity to help take the pressure off of the LES and keeps the stomach contents down in the stomach – naturally.

If I am taking PPI medication for my acid reflux do I still need a Gravity1st™ mattress?

PPI medications are only prescribed to be taken once a day and do not last for a full 24 hours for most patients.  Gravity1st™ takes over to help provide you the much needed rest when your medications stop working. Many Gravity1st™ users have been able to reduce their dependance on their PPIs, however, we do not recommend you stop taking any medications without the specific instructions of your licensed health care provider.


Why does the Gravity1st™ mattress cover the entire bed?

When my husband was first diagnosed with Reflux and was told to sleep head elevated, we tried everything: lots of pillows, bolsters, short foam wedges. We found out very quickly why they were not good for Reflux and in fact made it worse by bending him in the middle, putting added pressure on the LES. We also discovered that they created problems with intimacy, need I say more ? By covering the entire surface of the bed we were able to continue to sleep as we normally would, right next to each other. Even though I didn’t have a reason to sleep head elevated, I actually felt better when I woke up in the morning.

What are the dimensions of the Gravity1st™ mattresses?

The Gravity1st™ mattresses fit standard size mattresses. They come in standard Twin, Full, Queen and King mattress sizes. The Gravity1st mattress is 11″ tall at the head and 3″ at the foot.  The Gravity1st mattress is meant to be placed on top of your existing mattress or on top of your box springs if it is taller than you like on top of your mattress. Important: Older adults or those with limited mobility may want to place their Gravity1st on the box springs to reduce the overall height of their sleeping surface. Many of our customers are currently doing this.

Approximate Inflated Sizes:

  • Twin: 78 in. long x 39 in. wide x 11 in. at head of mattress (198 cm x 99 cm x 28 cm)
  • Full: 74 in. x 54 in. x 11 in. (188 cm x 137 cm x 28 cm)
  • Queen: 78 in. x 60 in. x 11 in. (198 cm x 152 cm x 28 cm)
  • King: 80 in. x 74 in. x 11 in. (203 cm x 188 cm x 28 cm)


Do I have to sleep on my back only with the Gravity1st™ mattress?

No. One of the reasons the Gravity1st™ mattress was designed the way it was is because it allows you to sleep in any position. The short wedges on the market today only allow you to sleep somewhat comfortably on your back. If you are a side or stomach sleeper you are not going to get a good night’s rest with a short wedge.

Gravity1st allows comfortable sleep in any postion


Will I feel like I am slipping down towards the foot of the bed while sleeping on an incline?

As with anything new, sleeping on an incline for some people, takes a little getting used to.  Give it a chance. When you start getting the kind of sleep you have only dreamed about, the minor adjustment will be well worth the results.


Why can’t I just put bricks under the headboard to raise the bed?

By changing the support of your standard mattress by lifting it off the floor, you will typically be voiding your 20 year mattress warranty. If your mattress begins to sag and you file a claim, the manufacturer will often send an inspector to review the claim. The inspectors are trained to look for reasons to deny claims.


Why is the Gravity1st™ mattress air-filled?

There are a couple of reasons why the Gravity1st™ mattress is air filled. The primary reasons are 1) The comfort and support air provides. 2) To be able to normally make your bed each morning. The fact that the Gravity1st™ mattress is air filled allows you to quickly deflate the mattress each morning. 3) The air filled bladder also allows you to easily store the mattress away when it is not needed or even more importantly – makes it portable enough to take with you wherever you travel.

Gravity1st Set-up is easy Remedies Acid Reflux heartburn


Is the air-filled construction durable?

Durability was important during the search for a manufacturer. It required the factory to go through strenuous durability testing and inflation tests on each and every Gravity1st™ mattress prior to shipping. We have also used the most durable, heavy gauge materials and a laminated surface for further protection.


Can I sleep on my Gravity1st™ mattress every night?

Absolutely. You can sleep on your mattress anytime it is needed.


My Gravity1st™ mattress sometimes seems as though it is losing air. Why is that?

With air bladders you will find that room temperature often effects the density of air in your mattress. When it is colder the air contracts and it will feel like your mattress has lost air. You may want to add a little air. Do not worry, your mattress will not over-inflate.


How long is the warranty on Gravity1st™?

We have extremely strict quality procedures in place with our manufacturer so we ensure your product will last.  We wanted to offer our customers the best possible warranty for our Gravity1st™ mattress. As we searched at the market place we determined that a One Year Limited Warranty to be a great value for our customers.

 Do I need custom sheets to fit on my Gravity1st™ mattress?

No. Customers can use their existing sheet sets with the Gravity1st™ mattress. If you want sheets that extend over the Gravity1st™ mattress and your mattress you may need an extra deep fitted sheet.

 How do I clean my Gravity1st™ mattress?

Your Gravity1st™ mattress can be wiped clean with any mild detergent. Please do not try to place in a washing machine or dry cleaning. This will void your warranty. You should avoid getting your memory foam topper wet or soiled as this will degrade the quality of the foam. Unfortunately, memory foam is difficult to clean.


My mattress is too tall for me to sleep on with the Gravity1st™ mattress on top. What should I do?

If you plan on using the Gravity1st™ mattress every night, it is very easy to simply remove your mattress and place the Gravity1st™ mattress on top of your box springs provided there are no sharp edges that may damage your air bladder. If you plan on only using the mattress once in a while, then you can simply place your Gravity1st™ mattress on the floor.


Will my Gravity1st™ mattress over-inflate?

Of course not, the inflation pump is designed so that it will not put more air into the bladder than it can hold. When the mattress is getting close to it’s fullest capacity the pump sound will change to a higher pitch. When you hear this you will know your mattress is inflated to its fullest capacity.

ACID Reflux and GERD Treatment Facts


Will the Gravity1st™ mattress covered by my insurance company?

It depends, if your doctor has recommended that you sleep head elevated for a medical reason you should download the medical necessity form from our Website, take it to your doctor to complete and mail it to your insurance company. By providing this form, Gravity Solutions, LLC neither guarantees nor implies insurance reimbursement for this product – reimbursement is at the sole discretion of your insurance provider.

Click here to download the medical necessity form.


How do I attach my inflation pump?

First remove the small outer valve cap. Connect the pump to the outer valve by twisting the pump clockwise until the pump turns on automatically (there is no switch). When your mattress is inflated, turn the pump counterclockwise and remove it. Close the small cap to seal the valve. Trouble shooting:  If your mattress does not appear to be inflating, first make sure the main valve is completely latched closed.  If your pump does not turn on when you twist it onto the pump: first make sure the pump is plugged in and the outlet is working properly. Next, make sure the pump is seated entirely onto both sides of the valve.


How do I deflate my mattress?

There are instructions silkscreened to the side of your mattress, next to the valve. It is simple and extremely quick to deflate your mattress with our patented valve system. Simply place your thumb on the tab and your index finger under the front of the valve. Push your thumb to the right or toward your index finger and the valve will pop open with a rush of air. It is important not to pull straight up on the cap of the valve as this may damage the valve. Once your mattress is fully deflated you can roll or fold the mattress toward the valve to remove the remaining air and then snap the valve closed for storage.


Can I use my inflation pump on other air filled products I have around my home?

Answer: The pump and valve technology is patented and can only be used on our mattress and a very limited number of other air mattresses.


What if my mattress gets a puncture?

Answer: We have included a patch kit with instructions along with your mattress. You can also purchase strong adhesive glues made for air mattresses at a local retailers if you need additional patching. They will provide instructions.


If my mattress has a puncture, how do I find it?

You can locate small punctures with the use of a spray bottle with soapy water in it. Simply spray a little of the solution on the suspected areas. If there is a puncture, you will see bubbles being formed at the site of the hole.


Where is Gravity1st™ made?

Gravity1st™ product is designed and patented in the U.S.  We searched long and hard to find the right manufacturer for our product.  In order to bring you the highest quality at the best price we chose a manufacturing partner in China that has many years experience in this industry.  They manufacture the product to our strictest design specifications and use our specific quality assurance procedures.


What is your policy on exchanges, refunds and returns?

Given the personal nature of our Gravity1st products, Gravity Solutions, LLC can only accept returns if the item has an unlikely manufacturing defect.   Please be email or call us with any questions prior to your purchase to eliminate any uncertainty that Gravity1st will work for you.  All of our products carry a manufacturing warranty to protect your investment. Should you have any questions regarding the operation of your product or for warranty service, please email us at Do not return a product without first reviewing warranty policy.



What is your shipping policy?

When an order is placed, it will be shipped to the address designated by the purchaser as long as that shipping address is compliant with the shipping restrictions contained on this website.  Gravity Solutions offers shipping within the United States and U.S. territories.  At this time we cannot offer shipping to APO/FPO or International locations.  For more details on our shipping policy please see our Terms of Use.

Gravity1st is simple to set up and use